Thought Leaders' Dinner


~12 Thought Leaders will cook brunch together. No one is allowed to use their real name or discuss careers. Identities will be revealed only near the end of the event. Note: We are watching details about the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now we are waiting till closer to the date of the event to decide if it needs to be rescheduled.

How to Attend

To RSVP for this event you will need to have an access/invitation code. If you were not personally given a code, then you will need to fill out a short application form. We review every application but only a small number of invitations are sent out for each event. Please click the "Attend" button on this page for more details.


6:00 pm, Nov 6, 2021


Miami, Florida

Meet the Hosts

Currently an MD/PhD student at the University of Miami, Jeff is creating a dosage measurement system for a novel light-based therapy for treating corneal infections that fail current medical treatment. His passion in life is to connect with people, hence going into a career to interact with patients, learning multiple languages, and creating the Thought Leaders' Dinner. In his spare time he enjoys travel, photography, and salsa dancing.

Jeff Peterson Co-founder

Dr. Vicky Fischer, the most famous (albeit only) pediatric optometrist on YouTube, was an invaluable force in helping create the Thought Leaders' Dinner. With her experience in planning extravagant events, she and Jeff hosted the first ever Thought Leaders' Dinner at her home. When Vicky is not prescribing glasses for babies and dressing in crazy costumes, she enjoys riding bikes and raising her two children. Vicky also finds it strange to brag about herself in the third person.

Dr. Vicky Fischer Co-founder