How it Began

After moving to Miami, Jeff felt like he lacked the community of amazing people he had back in California. So instead of leaving things to happenstance, he decided to create an event where thoughtful and inspiring people were hand selected to cook dinner and connect with one other. Dr. Vicky Fischer met Jeff at a goal setting accountability group and loved the idea; after 6 months of planning, in May 2017 they threw the first dinner. Seeing how moved people were after attending the dinner, we decided to continue sharing this event and grow the Thought Leaders’ Dinner community.

Our Mission

Jim Rohn once said "you are the average of your five closest friends." We very much believe this is true -- our goal through these events is to help connect thought leaders in disparate fields together in order to create a network of truly amazing and inspiring people. Together, we can make something much greater than we can on our own. As of now there has already been 10 events held in 4 different cities, and with over 100 different thought leaders who have joined the network.

Our Team

Currently an MD/PhD student at the University of Miami, Jeff is creating a dosage measurement system for a novel light-based therapy for treating corneal infections that fail current medical treatment. His passion in life is to connect with people, hence going into a career to interact with patients, learning multiple languages, and creating the Thought Leaders' Dinner. In his spare time he enjoys travel, photography, and salsa dancing.

Jeff Peterson Co-founder

Dr. Vicky Fischer, the most famous (albeit only) pediatric optometrist on YouTube, was an invaluable force in helping create the Thought Leaders' Dinner. With her experience in planning extravagant events, she and Jeff hosted the first ever Thought Leaders' Dinner at her home. When Vicky is not prescribing glasses for babies and dressing in crazy costumes, she enjoys riding bikes and raising her two children. Vicky also finds it strange to brag about herself in the third person.

Dr. Vicky Fischer Co-founder

Dr. Sahar Yousef is a cognitive neuroscientist and a business faculty at UC Berkeley. She has conducted research on brain plasticity, human performance enhancement, and cognitive training, starting out in psychopharmacology and then transitioning to non-invasive training work through the Department of Defense. Building on 10+ years of experience, her current consulting practice helps individuals, teams, and departments become more productive and effective at work.

Dr. Sahar Yousef Host, California Bay Area

Monica Figueroa Creativity Engineer

After being born in Poland, living in Germany, Austria and India as well as visiting over 30 countries Karlo decided to move to the US to pursue his career as software engineer. He spent a few years in Seattle before quitting his 9-5 job, becoming location independent, traveling through South America and eventually settling in Miami due to it's perfect balance of western and Latin life. That's where he met Jeff and quickly realized how many values they share which prompted them to work together on multiple projects. Apart from software engineering, Karlo is also actively trading and investing in stocks, options, commodities and other assets.

Karlo Maximillian Co-host, South Florida